Currently studying at Ryerson University for Creative Industries, an innovative program blending creativity and business, while simultaneously trying to create as much as I can — something I hope to continue throughout my lifetime. Through my program, I specialize in Graphic Design and Storytelling in Media. I'm able to blend my passions of design, publishing, photography and team collaboration in not only my education but also in my day-to-day. Additionally, I am able to utilize my knowledge and strengths regarding art and design in collaboration with interests in business, leadership, and team oriented roles.

Living in Toronto, my life is nothing short of hectic. I've been lucky enough to take part in Ryerson's Art and Design Magazine as Assistant Publisher, previously the Marketing and Events Coordinator, and interning at Her Campus Media. I’m also currently embarking on starting my own female-run online magazine called Common Mag.

I hope to continue creating and enjoying as many new creative opportunities as I can — this is only the very beginning.